Sexual story: A dirty sauna

21 Feb 2023

Sexual story: A dirty sauna

My wife and I went to a sauna / wellness complex last weekend incl. overnight stay .. it was in an old monastery. Swimming pools… saunas… bubble baths… and areas for private massages alone or as a duo. It wasn't a sex sauna by the way, but a normal regular one. Anyway after we had breakfast we went to the reception to book massages for us. She asked "for you both separately, or together at the same time.. our duo package"? Well you do the duo we said and that would take place at 2.00 pm. First we went to several saunas and just before two o'clock we were waiting for the relax chairs. We were picked up by a young lady and taken to an area where there were showers. “If you want to take a shower here first, then put on these pants, then I will come and get you for the massages”. We took off our bathrobe and went into the shower, standing next to each other we start to rub ourselves with soap that smelled delicious… would you like to do my back, my wife asked…

my hands slid down her shoulders and back in smooth motions…she leaned over to make it easier for me to do her lower back…it was exciting to do and she pressed her buttocks against me to firm up and my cock disappeared between her buttocks. Because of the touches I felt that I am starting to get stiff…”Wow, look out…that lady can come and get us in a minute”… “yes yes I replied…but it feels so good on your wet, slippery body”! I had barely finished speaking and my wife stepped forward to rinse off, and while I was still standing with a not quite erect cock, the lady entered. I saw her gaze go to my sex but she just said..” when you're ready you can come with me. We dried off and put on the little shorts that were so tiny that my pocket and cock could clearly be seen from the sides.. with my wife I saw that the front was a bit between instead of over her labia. .but good doesn't matter! In the massage room there were 2 tables next to each other, "you can hang your bathrobe on the hook and then you can sit on your back and the masseuses will be right there"!

When we were lying down, we only had those small pants on and my wife was lying with bare breasts .. they were still slightly shiny, it seemed after a shower. The room was very soothing with dimmed light and that esoteric music.. that's where the masseuses came in and introduced themselves as Nathalie and Irma.. After some explanation about what to expect, our backsides were treated first and when they ended with our feet we had to turn around. And while my masseuse ran her hands over my legs, I looked sideways at my wife. The masseuse with her massaged her head, neck and slowly moved towards her shoulders and I saw that her nipples started to harden… the hands slid down the sides of her breasts and also over them… without any sexual intent she apparently became aroused anyway ….and to my horror so am I! I could feel my cock slowly jerking… “oh dear… did I say…I think I should lie on my stomach”?! My wife looked up and said…”I think that is not desirable”! but understand it because I too feel excitement”! The masseuses had to chuckle a bit and one of them said: "You can rest easy...happens so often and we think it's completely normal...let it happen"! And meanwhile my cock had jumped out of the shorts and was shockingly pointed at my head and the masseuse asked me: "Do you want to stop or can we continue and then just let yourself go"? We looked at each other and I said: we have to want it together, don't we, if 1 of us says no, then it's no for both of us! “well you know when things go nice and relaxed like now, I have no problem with it… you”? "No me neither…! Okay the masseuses said and massaged us further… my wife's legs were spread a bit and hands slid up her legs and inner thighs and I saw her lower body start to move with excitement… and as I watched her, I felt a warm soft hand on my cock that slowly moved up and down…

Jesus, what a good job she did!! I saw how my wife was fingered and she herself kneaded her breasts and nipples that stood proudly up ... and suddenly she held her breath .... and with a huge long deep moan she came mega ... "oh me. God this was good, she said! If you want, said the masseuse, you can satisfy your husband yourself”? “Now you do it.. I want to see it,” she said “! And so she started jerking me off while my wife and the other masseuse watched…! My cock was extremely hard and I felt like I was about to cum..” oh yes I'm about to cum”… my wife got up… came over and said… look at my tits and cum”! And while her breasts moved back and forth as she fingered me, I squirted all my cum all over me…” ohhh yeah what a treat this was!” The masseuses gave us a box of tissues and said ... you can still enjoy the afterglow because no one will come here this afternoon behind this door is a shower so enjoy it! I got up and rubbed off some semen and we pressed our bodies together and kissed… this was a very unexpected turn wasn't it I said”?… Yes… for you…I already knew because I arranged this for us said she"!!