Sexual story: A woman in the ministry with large breasts

21 Feb 2023

Sexual story: A woman in the ministry with large breasts

A few years ago I was at a reception with my wife and there was a woman serving whose enormous bosom immediately stood out. Every time she came to our table she bent over so far that I had a wonderful insight into these whoppers and soon she realized that I was unabashedly taking advantage of this. The next few times I noticed that she bent over very slowly in front of me and saw how she smiled at me. My wife also noticed this and immediately started saying this is really a type that every guy wants in bed. Also on the way home she started talking about it again and said she lived 2 streets away from us.

Since that time I indeed saw her regularly in our neighborhood and a few months ago I saw that she had bought a dog and that she was walking regularly and that is how she came through the street with us. Every time she smiled at me kindly, but it never really came from a chat. Until I was fishing near my house and suddenly a dog was sniffing my bait. I looked around and there she was. Now we got to talking and she regularly bent over again to pet the dog. Unabashedly, I continued to stare at that bosom, even while she looked at me. I think you'll like this, she said, shaking her bosom up and down with both hands. I responded to this by saying that I would like to put a fishing rod in between. well, you can hear me, I've been hoping for a long time that you would ask that, you can come with me if you want. That is an answer that you actually only dream of, but unfortunately that is not possible now. I said tomorrow would be fine, then my wife will be gone all day and I can go after eight in the morning. She thought that was even better because then she was also free all day and she also thought 8 hours was fine. You only ring 2 times and then I know it's you.

Of course I didn't sleep a wink at night and I was glad it was morning. Finally my wife was gone and took a quick shower and a little later I was 2 blocks away and rang the doorbell 2 times. Almost immediately the door was opened and she almost pulled me in. My view was fine, because she was standing there with a sexy see-through outfit that left nothing to the imagination. Come on she said, I already have the coffee ready. That view and the idea of what was about to happen already gave me a nice bulge in my pants and that only got worse when she came in with the coffee. She put the coffee on the table and sat down next to me, but when I put my hand on her leg she slowly pushed it away again and said: take it easy, first a coffee to wake up properly. After coffee, she slowly started rubbing my upper leg, but I started to feel a little fuzzy and strange. From that moment I don't remember anything for a while, until I came to and everything around me was blurry. I noticed that I could hardly move and when I regained my consciousness I noticed that this was because I was handcuffed to the bed with handcuffs on my legs and on the alarm clock I could see that it was already 10 o'clock. Also, I was completely naked, but the woman was not there. When I called hello, she quickly entered the bedroom. She was stark naked and her huge whoppers were swinging back and forth. So, she said, we're going to enjoy ourselves for a few hours, but first we're going to make sure that hard cock of yours stays nice and hard for a while. She left and returned with a glass of water and the infamous blue pill. She shoved the pill into my mouth and made me drink some water. So, now we're going to start. She sat with her cunt over my mouth and all I could do was treat that cunt and clit with my tongue and soon she started to growl and I could tell from her convulsive movements that she was coming in a shocking way.

She slowly slid down and rubbed my cock with her cunt as those big breasts swung in my face, I tried to get my cock into that wet cunt but she wouldn't let me. She pushed her nipples one by one into my mouth and let me suck on them. Then she sank further down and began to lick my stomach and thighs with her tongue, making sure not to touch my cock. It drove me crazy and that while my dick was getting harder and harder due to that viagra and was about to burst. Finally she ran her tongue over my balls and took them one by one in her mouth. Slowly she moved her tongue over my cock towards the head, but when she put the head in her mouth and slowly wrapped her tongue around it I couldn't hold it any longer and shot my cum deep into her throat. Gagging, she swallowed it all down and started licking my cock completely clean again. She didn't wait long, because she sat on top of my viagra dick and suddenly slid it inside. She started riding my cock so wildly that I was afraid it would break. Fortunately, she soon came again and left

slumped forward wearily with her large breasts on my face. That fatigue didn't last long, because soon she slid back down and I felt her cunt close around my cock again. Now she started to make some slower movements and I felt my cock sliding in and out of her while she squeezed her cunt. I don't know how long it has been since I had an ejaculation twice in a row, but now I really felt it coming. When I started making thrusting movements she noticed this and immediately crawled away from me. All she said was that she loved cum and wanted to swallow as much as she could. She bent right over my cock and took it full length in her mouth, moving up and down quickly. Again I squirted my cum deep into her throat and she continued to suck it out to the last drop. She paused for a moment, but took it deep in her throat again, each time to the full length.

Moments later she sat on my cock with her back to me and started riding herself off again. And again it wasn't long before I heard her come moaning. Over and over she blew me off and then finished herself off again on my still hard cock. Although I was terribly horny, the third time also approached for me and again she sucked in all my cum and I was completely licked clean. She left for a while and when she came back I was shocked because she came back with a strap-on dildo and the necessary lubricant. she started to lubricate the dildo and my asshole also had to believe it. She got between my legs and aimed the dildo to push it in slowly. I couldn't fight through my handcuffs and I felt a burning pain as the whole thing was stretched. slowly she started pumping in and out and began jerking off my cock. Despite the pain, I got excited and when she noticed that I was almost ready again, she immediately removed the dildo and sucked my cock dry again. After she came wildly on my cock one more time she was finally satisfied and after a few minutes of gasping she finally started to loosen my bonds. I wanted to get dressed but still had that viagra cock, so I grabbed her and before she knew it she was handcuffed on the bed. In position 69 I fucked her deep throat while licking her cunt. When I felt I was coming I quickly pulled back, turned around and rammed deep into her cunt in 1 go where I immediately injected the full load. My cock was still hard and I thought about what else I could do and saw the strap-on. I uncuffed her legs from the bed and fastened them by her hands. she now lay with her cunt and ass up ready to be taken. I tied the dildo around me and lubricated it well, as well as her asshole. Slowly I pushed the dildo in and a moment later I put my cock in her cunt. At first she still moaned through the double penetration, but soon it turned into moans and grunts again. After pumping for a while, she turned around and with a nice greased cock in her ass and the dildo in her cunt now just continue in that tight hole. When I noticed that she came again it became too much for me again and squirted my last drops deep into her asshole. Now very tired, my viagra lol started to give up and I untied her. She was apparently very pleased because she hugged me and gave me another lovely French kiss and some gentle squeezes on my now flaccid cock. got dressed and when I wanted to leave I asked her: What is your name anyway? her name was Wilma and I also introduced myself. She shoved a note in my hand with a phone number and told me to call when I felt like it again. I hope it continues…